The 39/22 brand endorses every traditional Greek olive oil variety that preserves its gastronomic integrity. We select the olive oils that comply with the strictest quality specifications, as certified by chemical and organoleptic analyses, which are performed directly after oil extraction by a laboratory accredited by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC). This ensures olive oils with exceptionally low acidity figures, highly biofunctional components and a truly unique palate.

Equally strict criteria are applied to each stage of production and storage of the product:

  • We select mainly sub-mountainous olive groves and producers that apply Good Agricultural Practices.
  • We indicate the exact time and method for harvesting. The olives are harvested manually, packed carefully and dispatched directly for extraction.
  • We cooperate with modern, certified olive oil mills and control every stage of the extraction, in order to achieve the highest possible quality characteristics for the product.
  • We protect the olive oil throughout its transportation and storage. More specifically, the oil is stored in a stainless steel nitrogen tank, in order to prevent the oxidation caused by exposure to oxygen; this means that the olive oil’s quality characteristics are preserved intact over time. Every olive oil variety is stored in special premises where the temperature is kept at <18°C year-round, without humidity or exposure to sunlight.